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Master The Inner Game Of Network Marketing So You Can Skyrocket Your Forever Business In 2015!

Rewire Your Thinking To Overcome Any Self-Doubt, Fear or Lack of Self-Belief That May Be Sabotaging Your Success











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Having an exciting vision for your forever business is so much more than just an idea in your mind. It’s a profound message of who you are and where you’re going in life. It’s a stepping stone to your ultimate potential. The achievement of your vision and the significant goals leading up to it, is a demonstration of your courage, conviction and commitment. It’s also a demonstration of your perseverance, personal power, and purpose . And yet 98% of people, never achieve their biggest goals and ultimate vision. Unfortunately it’s true what they say – most people spend more time planning their holidays than planning their life!

shutterstock_129560924Which is exactly why we’ve put together this mindset mastery event. A full day of total immersion designed to take you from goal setting to goal getting using the very latest techniques in neuroscience. This high level training is about becoming the leader you were called to be. Its about tapping into and connecting with your inner power. Its about aligning with your deepest values and getting clarity on your goals. And its about installing a compelling vision so you can succeed beyond your wildest expectations while inspiring your team to do the same.

This Mindset Mastery Event gives you the tools to upgrade your mindset so you can go to the next level of success in your business and in your life. At this unique experiential event, you will discover how to turn your intentions into reality faster than ever before. You will learn simple but powerful techniques to achieve your goals FAST. You will feel more inspired than ever before to lead your team to greatness – making a difference to so many people’s lives. You will learn how to access your own internal and very powerful creative mechanism that’s already inside you.

Once you use this mechanism you’ll be amazed how easy it is to see, feel and attract more of what you truly want into your life. shutterstock_128200328Whether you are looking to overcome your fears of selling, rejection or what others think, or to make a habit of taking more consistent action every day – actions such as making more phone calls or following up with people or maybe you just want to increase your confidence and belief levels so you can become a better leader to your team. Perhaps your business plateau’d and you’re determined to get to that next level. If it’s any of these things then you’ve got to attend this training.

Once you’ve mastered your mindset, there will be no stopping you! This is NOT “wishful thinking”.

It’s grounded in the very latest scientific research into the human mind . Brainscan studies have PROVEN you can re-wire and strengthen the key areas in your brain that control every decision you make and action you take. Most important of all, you’ll learn how to condition your mind to expect success in everything you do in your forever business, your finances, your relationships, your health or any other area you desire.

NOTE: There are limited places at this event.
So make the smart move by taking action and reserving your place now.


Here’s What People Are Saying About This Training:


Nat“Dave’s training is absolutely amazing. I’ve been working with Dave for 5 years now and I have to say he’s had a profound effect on my business. Lots of my team have also worked with him. My business has increased x 7 times over those 5 years and I’m constantly coming along to the trainings and getting everybody here because it really focuses your mind, it develops your confidence and it just helps you become clearer on the goals you’re looking to achieve. So get your team here – enjoy – and watch your results unfold.”

Natalie Heeley, UK


Jules-mc“What an amazing training – I feel full of energy and totally focused on all my goals for the rest of this year. Since I started working with Dave I have achieved every single goal that was on my vision board. It’s so amazing to look back and just tick them off one by one! I now earn a multiple 6 figure income and live the life of my dreams. Dave’s training is the glue that holds me together! True magic! I highly recommend you get yourself and your team here as it will change your life!”

Julianna Woods, UK


Emma“This is hands down the best training I’ve ever had in the area of personal development. Working with Dave has been one of THE main secrets of my success in building a 6-figure income . He is a master in mindset and as we all know mindset is 90% of this business. Don’t miss out!”

Emma Cooper, UK


ANDY-WARING“I started working with Dave 4 years ago and I noticed a massive shift not only in my effectiveness but in the effectiveness of many of the leaders who chose to work with him too. I highly recommend his trainings!”

Andy Waring, UK


ClareCopping“Absolutely fantastic training, I would really encourage you to come on one of these Mindset Mastery trainings because it really gets your mind in the right place to achieve your goals and to get to where you want to go in your life, but more importantly bring your team because it will explode your business. Once you get your mind right everything else works!”

Clare Copping, UK


SATNAM“What an amazing day! We first attended Dave’s one day 2 years ago and it had a powerful effect. Now, 2 years on, we brought Dave in to train our entire team with all our managers. I recommend this training to everyone in forever.”

Satnam Singh, UK


Jeff-Drew“This is the second time I’ve done Dave’s Mindset Mastery workshop and it’s been absolutely brilliant! I’ve done a lot of work previously on mindset, attitude, law of attraction – this training takes everything to a whole new level. I think everyone should be here as they will benefit massively from his teachings!”

Jeff Drew, UK


renee“What a masterful training this was! As a leader in the network marketing industry, I watched how Dave interfaced with 60 of my team in a way that was engaging, entertaining and most importantly, result producing. Dave teaches people how to access their inner power in a way that they’ve never learned before. Everybody walked out more resourceful, enthusiastic and with practical tools to grow the business. Don’t miss this event!”

Renee Poindexter, Portland, USA


“Dave is incredibly skilled at offering the best information in the world in a clear and powerful way. From day one you can sense that a big shift is taking place inwards and outwards. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to take that next step into a higher level of thinking and living to participate in Dave’s trainings!”

Chara Calderone, New Jersey, USA


“Thank you Dave for a fantastic day’s training with me and the team yesterday. It was an enlightening and empowering day. It really opened my mind to understanding the power within and how I can use that power to move on in my life and in my forever business. I would encourage everybody, no matter what stage of the business you’re at, to come on this training”

Claire Barradell, Derby, UK


“What an incredible day! What you’ll get out of this day is empowerment. Dave is so approachable, authentic and effective at helping people to get inside their own minds and move past their fears. I can’t wait to pass this on and encourage others to have the same benefit”

Kathy Gervais, UK


“If you are sincerely ready to get serious about your business then Dave’s One Day trainings will give you all the practical techniques you need to succeed. His reprogramming and re-wiring exercises will help keep you and your team on track, in step, focused and moving forward towards your goals and dreams”

Luann Budeselic, Los Angeles, California


“Since attending Dave’s One Day Mindset Mastery event I feel like a completely different person. I have so much more confidence and belief in myself and as a result my business is going from strength to strength. I highly recommend this event for you and your team”

Sarah Matyjasik, Bristol, UK


“Absolutely fantastic day. The team are absolutely buzzing – we’ve been given some amazing techniques that will move our business forward. Nothing beats seeing Dave live, so if you are offered the chance to go on this day, PLEASE go for it”

Jean Drew, UK


Angelyn“I’m a Diamond Associate in Univera and we’ve just spent the last 2 days training with Dave O’Connor and it has been absolutely fantastic. My team were on the edge their seats the entire time. Dave is a master at delivering the information in a way that gets results. Through stories and metaphor the message really hits home in a way that people can relate and practically apply in their business. I urge you to get your team here, it will take your business to the next level!”

Angelyn Toth, Vancouver, BC


At The 6 Figure MLM Mindset Event You’ll Learn:

  • The mindset secrets of the most successful leaders in Network Marketing.
  • Designing your vision so you not only block out distractions and setbacks but stay focused and inspired through the tough times
  • Rewiring and reprogramming your subconscious mind for success so you can take the actions you need to take while performing at your highest level of productivity
  • How to scramble and interrupt unwanted patterns such as fears of selling, making phone calls, speaking in front of groups and generally stepping outside your comfort zone.
  • Getting clarity on your goals – many people write down what they think they want, not what they actually want!
  • How to set goals properly – most people do this the wrong way!July-18-Pic
  • The missing ingredient in most goal setting programs.
  • How to avoid the 5 DEADLY MISTAKES 98% of people make.
  • The principle reason why people fail to achieve their goals despite doing all the ‘right’ things.
  • To equip yourself with leadership skills and get a better performance from your team immediately.
  • To overcome procrastination and take high leveraged consistent action every day.
  • To eliminate self destructive habits and end self-sabotage.
  • How to master your emotions so they empower and support you.
  • Learn to reduce your recovery time from setbacks and defeats.
  • To develop your powers of focus and attract a WINNING team
  • How to access resourceful states such as confidence, enthusiasm, happiness, playfulness, power, etc
  • Identify what’s holding you back, and how to turn it around so you can move faster up the marketing plan!
  • Learn to install new empowering beliefs and habits that replace the old outdated mindsets!

Take Your Business To The Next Level!

shutterstock_131708186You will leave this one day action-packed fun-filled workshop with the next level of belief and confidence to make more effective phone calls, enjoy better quality 121’s, reduce your recovery time from setbacks and move your business forward faster. You will better manage your time and be more productive, reducing your levels of stress, fear and overwhelm. This workshop will also equip you with the LEADERSHIP skills to motivate and influence your team to stay focused on their goals regardless of what challenges and obstacles come their way.

Who Should NOT Attend This Event

  • Those who are content with their current and not interested in playing at their entrepreneurial absolute best
  • Those who are resistant about new ideas – especially ones that are not known to most Network Marketers
  • Those who still follow the old approach of selling the business aggressively instead of the new model of attraction marketing
  • Those who are content with the status quo and the way things are

This Event is perfect for you if:

  • You feel like you have the potential to play at a much higher level in your business
  • You’re tired of stopping and starting in your business over and over again
  • You feel overwhelmed and tired, and know there’s a better way to leverage your time & energy
  • You know that NOW is your time to step into the full power of what you have to offer the world

Crowd-3Over the last 12 years I have trained thousands of Network Marketers to upgrade their mindset, to win the inner game of MLM so they can achieve the success they desire and deserve. If you’re like most people, you joined Network Marketing because you want FREEDOM! Previous participants are achieving quantum results – and so can you. The most important part of success that I’ve learned is that if you don’t win the inner game you will never win the outer game for long periods of time. By the time we’re done after one day you will have installed the beliefs and habits of somebody who’s earning a significant income and leading a big team. Don’t miss this event!


Hope to see you there!



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