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In this new ground breaking 4-week webinar course you’ll discover how to rewire your thinking so you can increase your self-belief, focus and confidence levels to accelerate your Network Marketing  success. The Millionaire Mindset Course will provide you with practical tools that will connect you with the latest neuroscientifc techniques and processes for developing the beliefs and habits that you need to match up with your highest vision. Along with Dave’s proven Mindset Mastery training you will receive priceless coaching with unique leadership insights from Network Marketing 7 Figure Earner, Natalie Heeley.

During your time together, Dave will guide you through exercises and experiences that will create the new neural pathways necessary for deep and long lasting change! Once you’ve got the new beliefs and the new patterns installed you can set any goal and feel confident that you can achieve that goal.

Contents of Course:


  • Breaking Negative Patterns Process

  • Creating New Empowering Leadership Beliefs

  • The Path To Mastery Exercise





NOTE: There are limited places available for this online event. So make the smart move by taking action and reserving your place now.


Course Schedule and Details:

Module 1: Monday May 30th (8.00pm – 9.30pm)

Module 2: Monday June 6th (8.00pm – 9.30pm)

Module 3: Sunday June 19th (8.30pm – 10.00pm)

Module 4: Sunday July 3rd (8.30pm – 10.00pm)


(Can’t make it LIVE? No worries – all sessions are recorded and will be available to watch and download in the private members area)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this different from the MLM Blueprint and NMLA Courses?

Yes this is a completely different course based on the principles covered in the book, ‘How To Create The Mindset of A Network Marketing Champion’. The course would be a great complement to either the MLM Blueprint Course of the Network Marketing Leadership Academy (NMLA). This training is geared towards modelling the mindset of Natalie Heeley who, under he mentorship of Dave O’Connor, went from zero to millionaire in her Network Marketing business in just 7 years.

What if I miss a LIVE session?

As well as the LIVE course, when you register you will also get access to the private members area. This will be available within 24 hours of the first live webinar. Inside the portal you can watch the recorded webinars online or simply download the audios and listen to them over and over again to condition your mind for success. This gives you the control to determine your best time to do the work between the live sessions. Whether your best times are mornings or evenings, you’ll be able to listen to the recorded sessions with Dave and Natalie at your convenience.

Also ideal for iPod or MP3 listeners. You can take it wherever you go, or you can even burn them onto a CD for safekeeping.

Each lesson is designed to create new empowering habits and produce results in your Network Marketing business. Listen to the million dollar nuggets from Dave and Natalie and inhabit the conscious lessons when jogging, while in your car during a commute, on the subway or bus or plane. Pop the tracks onto your iPod or Smartphone and take them wherever you go.

The unconscious closed eye processes are designed to reprogram and rewire your brain so you can form those new neural pathways that will give you more choices every moment of the day.

(Please note: this may seem obvious but you are NEVER to listen to the unconscious closed eye processes or exercises while driving your car or operating machinery of any kind)

How long do I have access to the recordings?

You have lifetime access to the recordings. Long after the live sessions are over, you will be able to download the webinar recordings and play them over and over again to make new empowering habits permanent.

Do I need any special equipment?

The only equipment you’ll need is a computer with an internet connection to participate in the live sessions.

Who Should NOT Join This Training

  • Those who are content with their current circumstances and not interested in playing at their entrepreneurial absolute best
  • Those who are unwilling stop dabbling and do whatever it takes
  • Those who are looking for a “get rich quick” approach
  • Those who constantly make excuses and like to play the ‘victim’ game

This Training is Perfect For You If:

  • You feel like you have the potential to play at a much higher level in your business
  • You’re tired of stopping and starting in your business over and over again
  • You feel overwhelmed and tired, and know there’s a better way to leverage your time & energy
  • You know that NOW is your time to step into the full power of what you have to offer the world


If you’re like most people, you joined your Network Marketing company  because you want FREEDOM! This course provides decades of knowledge in just 4 game-changing modules. By the time we’re done you will have installed the beliefs and habits of a somebody who’s earning a significant income and leading a huge team. Don’t miss this online event!


See you there!